Ever Hear This? – “Let me Think about Your Offer”

This week I am going to address several questions I get from you – the readers of these sales tips.

This first question is about what you will do when a potential customer says to you – “Let Me Think about Your Offer.”

There are several ways to respond to this statement, unfortunately, most are rooted in the traditional sales model where a sales person is in some form of combat with the buyer. Things like…

  • You have agreed to everything we have discussed, what is it you feel you need to think about at this moment?
  • This offer has a limited time period, are you sure you want to risk missing the deadline for ordering?
  • Is their someone else you need to talk with to move forward on this?
  • If so, can I meet with them also in case their have some questions about this offer?

That is just a short list of possible responses using the traditional model of selling.

The real reason for any delaying tactics on the part of a qualified buyer are based upon three things. These are the three – with the third reason being the most likely reason. 

  1. The offer is too complex and they don’t understand parts of your offer and feel a need to delay the process in order to gain clarity.
  2. There is an unknown issue they are holding back – a new expensive project starting soon; a budget cutting measure that has not been announced to the public, including other employees; a coming management change which will impact the future of the project the offer is based upon.
  3. Value has not been created to the level the decision is quite simple and the business issues improved are complying with major increases in either revenue or cost reduction.

The most likely of the three comes with point number three. When the questioning model of selling is limited or not used by the b2b sales person, then the “I need to think it over” response gets them off the hook.

Technically, this statement is a stall on the part of the buyer. The reason for a stall is always a lack of value placed in the sales process. Increasing the value of your offer or your solution to their issues improves your probability of winning the account.

Remember, in today’s economic environment, choices are slower since their is a greater emphasis upon reducing any risk in any buying situation. Use the questioning model which allows the buyer to self-discover the real need for a faster decision. Then remind them of the cost of no decision. Your success rate will improve and you will have fewer delays or stalls in your b2b sales efforts.

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