Identifying Problems and Concerns is B2B Job One

Enough dancing around the topic, your number one b2b job is to identify and confirm problems and concerns held by your prospect or customer. Everything hinges off of this discovery.

Yes, I know making the sale or winning the account is important. Yet, the fastest way to achieve winning the sale or account is learn about the real problems or concerns the decision maker places at the top of their agenda.

The method you use is the questioning model. Asking questions about possible or potential issues are designed to uncover or confirm the problem or issue does exist for this prospect or customer. This is really your key to the lock on the vault. Use it wisely.

So, what topics or issues do you ask questions about to learn this great information. Here is list of possible issues for b2b sales people… 

Here are six issues decision makers concern themselves with looking for ways to improve…

  1. How to improve their quality
  2. How to increase inventory turns
  3. How to make their customers happier
  4. How to increase their profit
  5. How to increase their cash flow
  6. How to lower their expenses

Your job is to ask questions about their current position on all six issues – you’re looking for openings to begin to enlarge the size of the issue where a sense of urgency with show up to eliminate this issue using your solutions.

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