Put down the PDA and Meet with People

This is a quick b2b sales tip based upon a conversation I had with a couple of high level decision makers. These gentlemen were talking about both the b2b sales people who call on them AND their own b2b sales staff.

Here is the major point about this post today. Some b2b sales people are more engaged with their electronic equipment than with the actual customer. Since customers are people, they need a b2b sales person to communicate thoughts, strategies and ideas with them. And, based upon the ear full of unfavorable opinions about today”s new b2b sales people, there is room to improve.

In fact, this past week I observed several b2b sales people on a couple of flights around the country. The common thread is this PDA and Smartphone addicts don’t make eye contact with anyone and have this robot look in their eyes. Are you one of these people? 

What all – and particularly young – b2b sales people need to do is to sharpen their people skills every opportunity they get. The B2B Sales Superstars I have worked with over the years had one thing in common – uncommon interpersonal skills. They could easily communicate with a CEO down to any level in the organization. In other words, people in the customer’s organization liked the B2B Sales Superstar and always had their back – no matter what happened.

Take time to learn about your natural strengths and weaknesses as a sales person. Knowing this information down cold will allow you to connect to any and everybody in the customer’s organization. If you don’t know how  to do this, fill out the contact me form and I will get back with some options.

Learn to flex your style in communication with others – if you want to be effective. If not, just keep on doing the same things you are doing today. Did I mention you are not very effective with 50% of the buyers or influences you communicate with? That is a style breakdown and can be very costly to your b2b sales success.

Finally, to improve your time with customers and prospects – particularly when presentations are regularly given, then you need to take an excellent Presentation Skills workshop. I recommend one that uses video as you present. The video review is the fastest method to use for immediate improvement. Also, I recommend you use someone who is trained speaker and sales person. Then you get the best of both worlds during your workshop and followup.

By the way, the presentation skills workshop is a great self-confidence and self-esteem builder for b2b sales people. I have witnessed total turnarounds in a b2b sales person’s career due to gaining the self confidence necessary to speak well to high level buyers. If you have never taken an Effective Presentations course, you are limiting your overall success.

Remember, the PDA and Smartphones are tools rather than the “answer.” Your ability to effectively communicate with all types of people while gaining their trust and confidence has a direct relationship to your overall b2b sales success. So, prepare your skills and then get out and among the people who will be making decisions that affect your well-being.

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