“Door Openers” are Needed for Hot Leads

One thing I know – b2b sales people are always wanting new “hot” leads to place in their b2b sales pipeline. Right?

I know I’m always looking and several of my closest clients tell me the same thing. They want more “hot leads” for their sales pipeline. You know these types of leads, the ones who are actively looking for a solution to their problem or critical issues.

So how do they know you can possibly solve their problem or critical issue?

You must use what is know in the marketing world of classic “door opening” strategies. This is not a complex thing. Just a little personal mind-storming or group brainstorming to develop a list of problems you regularly solve for your customers.

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Is Your B2B Sales Pipeline Full?

Well, the economy is coming back, except for the oil price thing, and most of the experts are calling for a healthier overall economy. So, in my opinion it is time to get back to growing our sales.

Actually, you should always be looking for ways to grow your sales 24/7 and 365 days a year. The answer is to maintain your b2b sales pipeline for steady and consistent sales growth.

So what is this b2b sales pipeline thing all about? It is about having a consistent flow of new sales opportunities so you will have the growth you need to achieve your goals and objectives.

Let’s look at some of the factors to review regarding a successful pipeline of b2b sales.

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