B2B Sales Major Change Issue #5 – Align B2B Sales Training

Today, I will share the fifth part of a five part series on major change issues for b2b sales. Today’s topic will discuss the  major issue of a lack of alignment regarding existing sales training and development with the new model of b2b selling.

This issue touches upon the real reason so many b2b sales people are creating the wrong environment for their customers to buy. The alignment of b2b sales training and development with what is needed for sales success in the future will, well, make you  better prepared for your successful b2b sales future.

This fifth issue is related to the second part of issue number four – the training of new sales people for b2b sales. In the past, it was determined the best sales people were aggressive, goal oriented and used people to get to their goals. While this model worked very well during the presentation model years of successful selling, as Bob Dylan sang – “The Times They Are A-Changing!”

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