Expect Your Buyer to Recheck Their Options

One thing I’m seeing more of in the marketplace today is customers or buyers rechecking their options prior to making a decision. And, in some cases even after they have decided upon one solution – they will still reexamine the facts or options prior to finalizing a deal.

How and Where did this behavioral pattern show up?

Seems this is a byproduct of our recent economic downturn. The fear of making any type of bad decision has created a safety check before buying anything. I have even noticed it happening in our office. Decisions are being second guessed and facts are being rechecked for accurate.

Seems the only way you don’t have this issue is when you have a LONG standing relationship and track record with the same buyers and the trust level is at a peak level with proven measurable performance. Then your chances of rechecking options is low.

For the rest of us, this is a new modification to the sales process. After the buyer has moved close to the final decision point and confidence is high on your part – expect the buyer to review or check their options one more time.

What is causing this recheck situation? There seems to be several reasons and here are the four most common…

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Eight Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Been hearing a lot of chatter about Customer Loyalty and whether it is as important as some make it out to be. Well, Grasshopper (there I go showing my age again.), yes, customer loyalty is about the  most important thing that can happen to you.

If you are not focused upon developing long term customer loyalty – well, I bet you are starting from zero business every month.

Customer loyalty means you have a consistent flow of sales created by these loyal customers who would not and will not buy from anyone but you. And, here is the kicker for that statement – most of the time, when asked why the do business with you, they cannot explain it easily – they just know your are the best for them.

So, if you are going to focus on building and developing customer loyalty, there are about eight points you must master if you want a book of loyal customers.

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Five Problems We Share with Our Customers

Just thinking about issues and problems our customers are experiencing and then realized most of the b2b sales people have the same issues or problems confronting them on a daily basis.

This factor is somewhat unique in we can learn from our customers and our customers can learn from us – if we choose to communicate with each other about these serious business interrupters.

If you’re interested in these five common problems experienced in the world of b2b sales, well here are the five problems…

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Four Major No-No’s During the First Visit

It seems that self confidence comes to b2b sales people in different shapes and forms and when the self-confidence level is low – well certain things happen during the first meeting causing a large gap to form between you and the buyer or decision maker.

So I decided to make those of you needing a little more awareness of four major no-no’s during the first visit or meeting.

These items usually create insurmountable gaps between you and the decision maker which makes winning the account or business a low probability. However, I have also found that not knowing things is usually the direct cause of the mistakes. Therefore, awareness is something that strengthens your abilities to handle any situation to your advantage.

The Four Major No-No’s During the First Meeting are…

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Emotional Wins Get the Business

One thing that continuously amazes me is the inattention to the emotional wins needed for a “person” to make a buying decision. When I ask a sales person, how does your customer win or get an emotional win in your offering? I get a deer in the headlights look most of the time.

So what is the importance of an emotional win? It is the reason, the driving force why the person wants to buy from you. In the absence of an emotional win 0r personal win, the person then turns to the business logical reason. This exercise usually turns to the lowest bid or price.

So, how do you get an emotional win?

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Sales People Created the Commodity Problem

Why do sales people and sales managers sit around complaining about how their industry has become a commodity like selling environment with “everything” being about price. I have heard enough of this and all the excuses or blame for why it has happened to the market they sell in.

Well, another NEWS FLASH! No one other than the sales team themselves created this mess. And, the main reason the sales people created this environment is simple. Sales people forgot to keep developing their skills and talent. There I said it, now let the comments commence!

For most of the sales people and sales management, I can stop the excuses, anger and even denial by asking one question. And here it is…

When was the last time you spent time engaged in a serious sales development work session?

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