Top B2B Sales Book – Must Read

We are off to a new year so I trust you have first done the following…

  • Reviewed Your Results from the Previous Year
  • Thought about Your Key Accounts and Their Current Direction of Revenue
  • Identified and Related Your Key Targets to Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Set Some Exciting and Challenging Goals for the New Year

If you have done the above list with some time and energy, then you are ready to execute on achieving those goals.

However, if you are continuing down the road of doing your sales process the same way you have done it in the past – well, you may be in trouble. The Buying Landscape has changed. Have you noticed some of things you have used successfully in the past are not working as well or even at all?

Welcome to the new world of b2b selling.

The Buyer feels more in control and is using their new found power (occurred since the Great Recession) to control our efforts as successful b2b sales people.

So if you are sincere about taking back control of your b2b sales success, you need to take a moment and read an exciting new b2b sales book. Personally, it has changed my success since I began following the recommendations found in the book.

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Four Reasons B2B Sales Are Different Today

Seems writings about the new school and the new “norm” for b2b selling is catching many sales people off guard. The interesting thing is they were all aware that something was going on – yet, just thought it was a by-product of the recession on businesses.

While the recession did contribute to the issue or the speed of implementation, the real issues having been gaining traction for the past decade. And, they will continue to grow in influence and have a negative influence upon the unprepared b2b sales person or their b2b selling company. In fact, I believe Sales Executives who set the strategy and sales processes for their organizations need to place more importance on the changing marketplace.

So, what is going on that is influencing the b2b sales world in a negative way. Why is it harder to meet with decision makers and even identify who the decision makers will be? There seem to be four reasons or factors leading this change in the “norm.”

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