Top B2B Sales Book – Must Read

We are off to a new year so I trust you have first done the following…

  • Reviewed Your Results from the Previous Year
  • Thought about Your Key Accounts and Their Current Direction of Revenue
  • Identified and Related Your Key Targets to Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Set Some Exciting and Challenging Goals for the New Year

If you have done the above list with some time and energy, then you are ready to execute on achieving those goals.

However, if you are continuing down the road of doing your sales process the same way you have done it in the past – well, you may be in trouble. The Buying Landscape has changed. Have you noticed some of things you have used successfully in the past are not working as well or even at all?

Welcome to the new world of b2b selling.

The Buyer feels more in control and is using their new found power (occurred since the Great Recession) to control our efforts as successful b2b sales people.

So if you are sincere about taking back control of your b2b sales success, you need to take a moment and read an exciting new b2b sales book. Personally, it has changed my success since I began following the recommendations found in the book. 

You know you are on to something good when you are sitting reading this book in an airplane and four people (sales people I might add) tell what a good or great book I’m reading – they just read it! – it has changed their success! – and I couldn’t put it down! After that, I actually re-read the book to make certain I got everything I needed. The book is hot!

So what is this book I’m recommending to all b2b sales people and b2b sales managers & executives? Here it is…

ChallengerSales  The Challenger Sale

by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

This is a different kind of sales book since it is based upon real life sales results.

There is no ivory tower, hyperbole diatribe from some Ivy Professor talking theory and concepts with no practical or real world results to backup their ideas.

Dixon & Adamson followed b2b sales people from over 1100 companies and tracked the results and styles and everything else the sales people did during the sales process.

The results of all this hard work is a book on successful selling for us – the B2B Sales Person. The authors tell about the changes in today’s selling environment and how it impacts us. Then they show us some amazing details of what works and doesn’t work for sales people in today’s markets.

One of the biggest aha moments for me was “Relationship Sales People” are dead last in real results! Really? Then I started thinking about what they had to say about this type of sales person and related it to sales people I know. These everything is about the relationship people are failing in sales – I personally know a number of them who are complaining about their customers instead of learning how to change their results – immediately!

If you really want to be a b2b sales superstar this year and exceed your goals, then this book is a must read book. It is a “Game Changer” in the world of b2b selling.

If you already have the book and have read it completely – congratulations. You can make a comment about the book below so others will understand just how good it is.

If you have not read this book, then click on the book picture above and you will be taken directly to There you can purchase the book in the format you prefer for reading. I know several sales people who use Kindles to read on plane trips – especially today when you can keep your gear running the entire trip.

Disclaimer: Yes, if you purchase through the link above I will receive a small commission – hey, I am a sales person just like you. I only recommend books I have read and found to be very helpful in my career. And, a little bit here and there helps my ROI on providing this FREE B2B Sales Development website. If you use the link, thank you very much – and I truly mean it.

Finally, have a Great Year. Break all your Goals, Set new Personal Bests and Create the Lifestyle You Chose.


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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s been awhile since I’ve see someone that is passionate about a book. I will check it out.
    Richard Benchimol
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