Game Changing B2B Sales Book List

One of my most common questions from my clients involves “what sales books should I read?” or “Do you have a List of Recommended Sales Books?”

So today I’m sharing what I consider to the B2B Sales Books which are all considered “Game Changers.”

Okay, someone is probably asking “what makes these books Game Changers” which is a great qualifying question (Very good if you asked this question to yourself).  

So the answer to how these are Game Changers is simple – they presented Unique and New information which changed the results of thousands of B2B Sales People who were smart enough to implement these new ideas into their sales process.

Personally, I was fortunate enough to have Brian Tracy as a mentor for my development. One of the Key Strategies he taught me was pretty simple…

“Leaders are Readers!”     – Brian Tracy

This simple concept turned my career around and was primarily responsible for improving my professional skills. I became a focused Business Book reader. And, for someone who hated English and Literature in school – this was a major mindset shift for me.

Okay, so you’re thinking reading a book on sales is a waste of time. Really? Are you a “Professional Sale Person?” The key part of this question is “Professional.” There are hundreds of thousands of sales people – yet, very few “Professional Sales People.”

I heard the “Yea, but” crowd on that last statement with all they excuses – including no time. So let’s ask a question. Would you go to a Lawyer who does not read and study the laws of today? Or, Would you go to a Doctor who brags about not reading any new books, reports or studies on Medical Issues since they left school? I think “Not on my life” or just plain “NO!” are appropriate responses.

Be a “Professional” B2B Sales Person who reads books on B2B Sales, Psychology, Business Acumen, Financial Analysis, Interpersonal Skills, and books which relate to the type of business you sell to – Manufacturing, Distribution or Services. Reading just five books on a specific topic (from five different authors) will make you an authority on the topic.

Also, get into the habit of reading Trade Magazine, Industrial Trends, Market Trends and Trade Association Reports on their Industry. It will be amazing the rapport you will gain from your customers when you can talk about their issues with clarity. Oh yes, it also helps you create better questions to ask your customers which show you know more than most of your competitors.

Okay, check out the page listed in the MENU above entitled “Game Changing B2B Sales Books.”  If you have read all of them, congratulations you are in the top 1%. If you have not read any of them, pick one, click on the TITLE and you will be taken to so you can order the book in the format you like the best. Just Do It Now!

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