Six Methods for Engaging the Buyers Brain

This neuroscience research is amazing regarding how the brain actually works. And, when you apply this research specifically to how the brain makes decisions to buy things, well, your world of opportunity just grew exponentially.

Now, I figure most of you know about the left and right hemispheres of the brain and they influence things – especially behavior. In fact, behavioral style is one of the hardwired traits discussed the management book – First Break All the Rules by Buckingham. (If you are in Sales Management this is an important book to read.)

However, let’s get back to the primary subject – engaging the buyers brain.

Also, the research has shown there are three unique regions within the brain and the real decision maker is the “old brain” or reptilian brain which is located in the brain stem. This answered a lot of questions for me – first, questions about how I made instinctively driven decisions and choices. Then, there were the decisions and choices my clients made about all types of subjects – several which displayed NO logic at all. (First, clue is little logic is used.)

So the real question becomes “how do you engage the reptilian brain?”

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