Sales Tips – Be a Low-Risk Provider

In the world of B2B sales you will find yourself selling to a group, team or committee rather than a single buyer. This is the true meaning on complex selling. Why is it complex? Because you are dealing with a number of people – each possessing their own personal agenda regarding the buying decision.

So here are sales tips that will get you a higher probability to increase sales in your territory. It is the key to selling to large or mid-size corporate structures.

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Be the Low Risk Provider in B2B Sales

Being the low risk provider is the key to successful B2B sales. Please do not confuse low risk with low cost as these are light years apart. Too often the sales people I coach want to go to the dark side of sales – being the low cost provider.

Being the low cost provider is an unhealthy position for most sales people because the customer will find another sales person who will sell for a lower price than you offered. And, when selling strictly on price – low bid wins.

However, being the low RISK provider is an entirely different sales strategy. In fact, you could be the highest priced sales person and win – if the buyer sees you as the real low risk provider.

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