Six Reasons a Prospect Will Want to Meet with You

In this super fast paced world of b2b sales, the old methods of calling a prospect and telling them you want to visit to show them something or worst – show them your product are long gone.

Today’s prospects and buyers are usually doing a couple of jobs and really do not want any more on their plate. Their agendas and calendars are full with no space to place another visitor. Oh, did I mention they are short handed and are doing two or three jobs all at once?

This is the new reality or the new norm. So you must be focused, have done your homework, and leave a short message to get the prospect or buyer curious regarding what you want to discuss. This is the overall key – curiosity. When they get curious, you will have a short meeting to open the door to your sales opportunity.

In order to open the door you must offer one of six reasons for them to want to meet with you. Plan your first call carefully, even practice by calling yourself and reviewing your own message, voice quality and does your message get the interest of the prospect or buyer?

Here are the Big Six Reasons…

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