Six Reasons a Prospect Will Want to Meet with You

In this super fast paced world of b2b sales, the old methods of calling a prospect and telling them you want to visit to show them something or worst – show them your product are long gone.

Today’s prospects and buyers are usually doing a couple of jobs and really do not want any more on their plate. Their agendas and calendars are full with no space to place another visitor. Oh, did I mention they are short handed and are doing two or three jobs all at once?

This is the new reality or the new norm. So you must be focused, have done your homework, and leave a short message to get the prospect or buyer curious regarding what you want to discuss. This is the overall key – curiosity. When they get curious, you will have a short meeting to open the door to your sales opportunity.

In order to open the door you must offer one of six reasons for them to want to meet with you. Plan your first call carefully, even practice by calling yourself and reviewing your own message, voice quality and does your message get the interest of the prospect or buyer?

Here are the Big Six Reasons… 

  1. Best Practices of other companies
    They are looking for real solutions and experienced people would have delivered the solutions to companies like theirs. This lowers the risk of taking action since the probability of success is higher.
  2. Business Outcomes they Desire
    If they could solve their issues and problems and create their business driven outcomes, they would have already done it. The fact they have not solved the issue or problems tells you, they need help to fix it or achieve a new result. 
  3. Information on Trends
    Knowing real information or insight about upcoming market, industry or competitor trends again lowers their risk in decision making and therefore they become more willing to make the tough calls. Share this valuable information and watch a business relationship develop quickly.
  4. Insider information on what Works
    Making a prospect or buyer feel special by sharing insight into ideas, methods or processes that are getting real results now will enhance your relationship and make you more valuable in their eyes. Thus, you become the “go to” person when results are necessary.
  5. Updates or Briefings on Topics of Interest
    This is not an update on your product development process, this is all about current information regarding topics they are personally interesting in learning more. I saw this during the quality process days, people wanted to know more about how it worked, did it work, what were the difficult parts, and how did you get the buy-in of others to commitment? 
  6. Insights into Complex Problems or New Objective
    Again, the more experience you can add to showing you know how to solve complex issues or to successfully execute a new objective or priority being placed on their agenda – then the more valuable they see you and will want to walk on hot coals to visit with you. In other words, you are seen as an expert or a business adviser who can help them succeed faster than they could by themselves.

There you have what I call the six magical reasons are prospect or buyer will suddenly find time to visit with you. It is your job to quickly state your position regarding the best of the six reasons for the specific prospect or buyer. This shows you have done you research and homework – and gives you more confidence in telling the brief story to get them curious.

Make your b2b sales result soar to the top by getting more real opportunities with real buyers in need of your solutions and offerings.

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