40 Reasons to Ask Questions in B2B Sales

Again, I am surprised by the amount of push back I get regarding the use of questions in b2b sales today. It is the key sales skill necessary for continuous b2b sales success.

So, if you need more reasons for using questions in your b2b sales process, here are forty reasons to use questions… 

  1. Enables the B2B sales person to select a specific strategy.
  2. Can force a new prospect to answer their own objections.
  3. Gives the Prospect an attentive listener
  4. Allows the Prospect to discover why they want to buy.
  5. Creates a feeling of being peers between the buyer and sales person.
  6. The buyer can give their opinion regarding a solution.
  7. Dominant buyers are satisfying a need through answering questions.
  8. Gives You time to think and gain composure when surprised by something.
  9. Can uncover personal peer pressures such as likes, dislikes, ideals, and desired results.
  10. Enables the b2b sales person to isolate issues or objections and get answers from the buyer.
  11. Can reveal any prejudices or biases held by the buyer.
  12. Answering questions builds and strengthens rapport with the buyer.
  13. Relieves the pressure that may have become an objection.
  14. Turns presentations into a sales interview.
  15. Keeps the b2b sales person from becoming defensive in certain situations.
  16. Qualifies the buyer and shows credibility by the b2b sales person.
  17. Forces a buyer to substitute reason and logic for prejudgement about sales person or product.
  18. Gets the buyers into an agreeable YES mood.
  19. Keeps the b2b sales person from talking too much.
  20. Two way interaction reduces the tension in the b2b sales environment.
  21. The buyers answers can contain the secret to you making the sale.
  22. Questioning shifts any pressure from the b2b sales person to the buyer.
  23. Engages a reluctant buyer to talk and get involved in the sales process.
  24. Insures the buyer is listening since they need to answer the questions asked.
  25. The buyer feels good since you asking about their point of view on issues.
  26. Assists in keeping the b2b sales person’s courage at higher levels.
  27. Narrows the subject matter focus for a talkative buyer.
  28. Can pinpoint areas you can provide the best solution.
  29. Determines both the personal and business reasons to buy.
  30. Helps to identify the real decision maker for specific offerings.
  31. Keeps you from making a random mistake or talking error.
  32. Adds tempo and pace the buyer prefers to the sales interview.
  33. You can use to appeal to buyers pride or ego, thus energizing a key buyer motivator.
  34. Enables you to gain clarity and understanding regarding the buyers point of view.
  35. Allows you to learn what is most important to the buyer.
  36. You find existing desires rather than creating a new desire point.
  37. Directs the buyer’s emotions to making a buying decision.
  38. Opportunities to intensity the needs they have in order for a desire for action.
  39. Helps to determine what benefits the buyer would receive from the action of buying.
  40. The quality of your questions will show your level of experience and competency.

There you have forty reason for using questions in your b2b sales model. As a forty first reason, if you want to join the ranks of the b2b sales superstars – then questioning is the most important sales skill or competency you can possess.

Take the time to learn how to ask great questions that engage the buyer and decision makers to give you greater customer understanding and helps the buyer to self discover the reasons they need to take action. Sales people who have learned how to ask a progression of questions build better rapport and trust.

Take time to review the list of reasons several times to learn why you need to improve your questioning skills. Then you can enter the ranks of the sales superstars.

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