B2B Sales Presentation Tips

“Can you or should you use your b2b prospect or customer’s logo in your sales presentation?”

Several times this question has come up from sales people so I thought I should share my response to help as many b2b sales people as possible.

The answer is “Yes,” you should use their logo when you are talking about a proposal to the company. However, their are a couple of additional tips to offer you as well as a couple of things to check.

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Simple B2B Sales Presentation

Several of you have been asking about what kind of sales presentation do I use in B2B sales or what should I focus upon during the sales presentation?

Good questions and my answer is simple.

First, don’t do a sales presentation until you have all the information you need to build a case for the customer to make a simple decision. Meaning the faster way to lose a sale is to present too early in the sales process since there is probably no value built up for your customer to feel it is good thing to change to your solution.

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Better Presentations in Six Simple Steps

Seems like sales people are always asking me about how to make their sales presentations better. What presentation tips can I help them with to gain an advantage?

Other than the most common areas to focus upon – questioning skills to get valuable information prior to presentations and great planning and strategy are the real keys to having an effective sales presentation.

Yet, I find the need to share some practical how-to’s with my sales clients, both for confidence and the realization of when a sales presentation is going well.

So, here are six simple steps to better presentations…

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