Enhancing Customer Service will Improve Sales

Remaining with the Team Selling theme today (a day early, yet is too important to wait), I want to emphasis a missing link in most sales organizations. It has to do with the level of Customer Service – with emphasis upon the level of internal communication, record keeping and knowledge transfer.

Here is a statement I believe is more true today than ever…

When a Customer has a relationship with a Company and they interact with different people, they expect all of those people share the same history about the customer – regardless of who they talked to.

That is valuable information. When shadowing sales people making customer calls, I can remember several situations where the customer was upset. Upset with the company, not necessarily the sales person, because they had one of those experiences of calling the company, being placed on hold, transferred to someone – who responded by saying “that not my job” and transferring the customer to another department. And, this continues for several transfers, even returning to the original person the customer spoke to!

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Think Like An Owner for Sales Success

This is the one step that could be titled “Think like an Owner” “Coordinating Results” or “Customer Satisfaction Goals”. There are important information and processes to follow with each of the three titles. Yet, I choose the Think like an Owner because it encompasses all three.

So what does “Think Like an Owner” really mean? An owner is fully committed to their business. The Owner has to balance all the functional areas of the company to get the best results. An Owner depends upon their customers to stay in business. And, decisions must be made for the overall good rather than personal agenda. All of these factors are supported by the superstar sales people.

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