The Real Five Reasons for an Ideal Prospect

We all know the most important aspect of our b2b sales world is to continuously find fully qualified or highly motivated prospects. Without these new comers to our world, then real sales growth becomes very difficult.

And, you have probably heard about having an ideal customer profile to use as a guide when looking for prospects or truly targeted accounts.

While the ideal customer profile is a good tool and is very useful in determining who you should invest your time and energy with for your future sales growth, there are five other factors that truly make a difference in determining a real ideal prospect.

So what are these five reason someone can be labeled an ideal prospect? Here are the five reasons…

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Real Networking to Grow Your Business

Okay, first I enjoy networking at the core level which is all about being with other people and learning new and important information about people, old relationships and some limited corporate gossip.

Second, it helped build my business back in the 80’s and 90’s. Yet, those were different times and it was a lot simpler to make real business relationships while doing “community level” networking.

And, finally, it was a real opportunity to get introduced to other people in an organization through your new contact. In fact, this was a time when people actually answered their phone calls or returned your phone calls within 24 hours. How I loved those times in b2b sales.

Today, the business world is different, particularly if you are selling to larger organizations or even the aggressive mid-sized businesses within your local market. So, what has changed and how can you do better this year. There are three areas you must watch.

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What is the Difference between B2B and B2C Selling?

Since this is a B2B Sales site, several people have asked…

What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

In the world of selling the difference between B2B sales and B2C Sales are very different.

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