What To Do Before Your Sales Presentation

While most b2b sales people ask me about how to do sales presentations effectively, the smart ones are asking what to do before they get “on stage.”

Here are six tips to use before you make your sales presentations. Using all or some of these tips will make your sales presentation more successful. So, use them and let me know how they worked for you.

Here are the six tips to use before you do your sales presentation… 

  1. Double Check Using a Checklist
    Create a checklist of things you will need for any sales presentation. Get the routine items first and then have blanks to fill specific needs for a sales presentation. Follow the list, never assume you have everything. Any that is new – projector, laptop connection, etc – test it before leaving for the presentation. Remember Murphy’s law.
  2. Arrive Early
    Get to the location early, set up and test equipment if possible (this is the biggest cause of stress – equipment does not work properly or you are rushed to set up and miss a connector or don’t plug it in completely.) Also, visit with some of the participants, especially the ones you have not met before. Ask questions about them, get them talking about themselves – no pre-selling from you allowed.
  3. Use the MiniMax method
    This is a technique that is designed for you to eliminate or control your stress and tension by thinking about the possible worst case situation that could happen to you. Then, begin by learning if it happened would it kill you? No, I’ve never known of a sales presentation where the results would kill you. Okay, figure out the next worst issue and ask yourself – can you deal with this outcome if it happened. Learn to accept that it could happen, however, be more focused upon believing you can control the situation by doing an outstanding presentation. Thus you minimize the negative results and focus upon maximizing the positive outcomes. Now, you are ready to win by doing your best sales presentation.
  4. Rehearse and Practice
    While the best b2b sales superstars practice and rehearse the entire presentation, the most important rehearsal involves the first two minutes of the presentation. You need to practice your first two minutes until you have it down cold. Meaning, if someone woke you up in the middle of the night – you could begin your sales presentation without any hiccups. Plus, the first two minutes is the most important regarding whether people in the audience are going to pay attention to your entire presentation or not. They are judging your confidence and professionalism from the beginning – get it right and they actually listen to everything you say.
  5. Take Time to Relax
    Part of your prework is to have everything ready and then take a moment to relax. Use this time to reflect upon your expected results or outcome of the sales presentation. Visualize yourself standing before the group giving an effective attention and action driving presentation. See their facial reactions to your message and see yourself standing tall and confident during your entire sales presentation.
  6. Breath Deeply
    This last one is as equally important as any of the above points. By taking a few deep breathes before beginning your sales presentation you accomplish a couple of things. First, you fill your system with oxygen which provides the gives the brain better thinking abilities. Second, it also relaxes you – allowing you to remain calm and confident for your sales presentation. And finally, it keeps you from taking short breathes when you arrive at the front of the group. Your ability to remain calm and confident during your sales presentation can set you apart from the competition, thus enhancing you b2b sales success.

There you have the sales presentation tips to help you win more business. Use these techniques often and you will win more b2b sales. Not to mention, you will be looking good while you present your sales solutions and opportunities .

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  1. Some great pointers here for a successful sales presentation. Practice and rehearsal are all-important. So many times we leave this to the last minute and that’s a mistake. Aim to build time for good solid presentation practice.

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