Who Belongs on a Team Selling Team?

I’ve been getting several questions about who should be on a Team Selling Team and How Many people can be on a Team Selling Team?

The answer is truthfully – It depends. Yes, it depends upon factors present in the b2b sales opportunity.

That answer usually gets a few eye rolls, yet, it is the true. It depends upon such things as the size of the sale, the complexity of the offer, the impact upon the buyer organization in terms of people, processes, systems and budget, and the number of functional units during implementation. And, then there are all the detail specifications to be discussed, dialogued, debated and explained before anyone will sign off on the contract.

Okay, next is the question of how do you select the players for Team Selling Team and who do they work with in the Buying Organization? To assist in this explanation it is best to have a diagram of the structure for your Team Selling Team and who they would be called upon to meet in the Buying Organization. So here is a table for you… 

Selling  Organization Buying  Organization
Sales / Lead Sales Person Buyer / Purchaser /Buying Committee
Sales Support / Inside Sales / Sales Administrator Operations / Production Group / Purchasing
Shipping & Receiving/ Supply Chain Group Quality Assurance Group
Technical Experts / Product Managers Engineers / Systems Coordinators
Finance / Purchasing Finance / Quality Control
MIS / Technology / IT Group MIS / Technology / IT / ERP / EDP / Systems Adm
VPs of Selling Organization Division Managers
Senior Management Senior Management

You can use this as a guide for selecting the right people to meet with the buying organization’s people (and titles) and here is the key – in Team Selling, Your Role is a Sales Coordinator.

As a Sales Coordinator, you take on the role of scheduling your people to attend meetings with the customer or prospect people. You need to be prepared to educate your people about the sale progress, who the players are, who is the key influence, what is their role in the sales process, and what the purpose of the meeting and the focus of discussions. In other words, you are the director for the sales process to move forward.

Enjoy your role in the world of major account selling, b2b sales, and National Account selling opportunities.

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