Your Sales Strategy During Bad Times – Take Action

I have recently been talking to CEO’s and Key Corporate Officers about the current economic conditions and how their results are during this time. After listening to all the different opinions one thing jumped out for me. The more successful companies and individuals were the ones that were taking focused and clear action. The ones who really in bad shape were taking the “Field of Dreams” approach – wishing and hoping that someone will come and buy what they offer!

Okay, so taking action should be a no-brainer for everyone in business. Well, it is not so according to the number of people that I meet and talk with on a daily basis. This is why I am writing about this subject today. Get out and touch someone – now! 

There are several reasons for taking action. First, it keeps you focused and on target for getting results. Results are still the name of the game and if you are doing things that have no value added results – why do them?

Second, by staying in close contact with customers you can learn about opportunities that are coming up and work for positive results. I still believe that 70% of sales are made because you are top of the mind with the customer. The old saying – “out of sight is out of mind!” is more true today than ever before. Get out and visit or call – show interest in your customers and prospects.

Third, taking action today sets up the future for you – when the economy comes back and budgets are again opened up. Preparation is about taking focused action to develop the relationships even when things are not so great. People who make the big decisions are impressed by the people that care about them – in good and bad times. This action separates you from the “glad handers” who only show up to make a sale – when times are good.

Finally and most importantly, by taking action you feel good about YOU. Nothing works better for building personal esteem than accomplishment – getting results and doing positive things. Taking action is the number one catalyst for improving how you feel. When your attitude is positive, you attract additional opportunities into your life. Thus, the opportunity to succeed when others are flat or declining.

Remember another old saying – “When the going gets tough, the Tough get going!” Well, this one saying summarizes all that has been written in this post. We are in tough times and our responsibility to others, family and yourself is to take positive, focused action for results.

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