Are Your B2B Sales Goals Identified for 2012?

Just a gentle reminder, you should have your B2B sales Goals for 2012 established, noted and in some cases – launched.

If you have neglected to set your new goals for the coming year, then you are one of three types of people: 

  1. The Pure Problem Solver
    This is the sales person who is always moving away from problems, thus the need to solve problems and move them out of the picture. Surprisingly, close to half the population are problem solvers rather than a towards the goal type of individual. In the case of Pure Problem Solvers, you can have goals to accomplish in 2012, the goals only need to be written as Problems to be Solved during the coming year. Even Sales Goals can be written in this format – so start writing up those major problems to solve – like  “How do I balance my product sales to include the X line?”
  2. The Wing-It Sales Person
    This is the sales person who believes they can just make things happen – on the fly – without the need of a written plan. Sorry, it is a scary place to be – in someone’s mind without guidance. When wing-It people learn the discipline necessary to sit down and plan their year and the outcomes they desire, they are amazed at how often they can get things done without wasting a lot of precious time! Time is the big loser with the Wing-It sales person – they have little of it at exactly the moment they need it the most.
  3. A Defeated Sales Person
    This person has no future in the world of b2b sales. Usually this is a person who choose incorrectly the type of job they should have or worst – was moved into b2b sales by a sales manager who did not understand the principle of matching Talent to a Job. Mismatches between Talent and Jobs is a major source of De-motivation and stress. The b2b sales person who has given up is hurting everyone – themselves (self-esteem), their company (lack of performance) and their customers (lack of focused effort). Therefore, their level of planning is to find a job they want and can excel in performance. Thus, the end of the problem.

Seriously, at this point in time, you should have the first three months of 2012 totally planned out relative to the best opportunities with plans of actions to execute to win these targeted accounts.

If you do not have these process done and feel you need help in this process, contact me at 901-757-4434 and we can discuss several options including coaching sessions for accountability or a self-development process called “Strategic Planning for the Sales Professional.” The key is to get you on track for a successful 2012.

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