BS Reasons Buyers Use to Stall the B2B Sale

Occasionally, I get into discussions with b2b sales people regarding possible stalls tactics used by buyers and decision makers. Now the reality is sometimes these tactics are just part of their unique buying process. However, most of the time these tactics are at best stalling tactics to chase the b2b sales person away.

So here are the eight major offenders used by buyers and decision makers to stall your sales process. 

  • No Money in Our Budget
    The really is – seldom is there a budget especially when what you are offering is a new concept. Here is your opportunity to use your creativity as well as negotiation skills. Also, this is why you must call on people at the highest level as they are the people who can create a budget or move budget items around in the budget.
  • Send me more information or brochure
    This is when you are dealing with what I call the “C more” as they always want to see more information. Seldom do they take any action or have any sense of urgency, yet, they continue to ask for more and more information. Your goal here is to continue to get time commitments to keep advancing the sale process.
  • Too Busy to Change Anything Now
    Here you are probably dealing with someone who does not want to change anything, actually preferring the status quo over any type of change. Change is a scary and risky thing to these people. It is your job to show a quiet and seamless transition with no crisis.
  • We only Use Certified Vendors
    Here is your chance to ask about how do you get certified. Does it have anything to do with ISO certification. Who certifies the vendors? In other words, look into getting certified you and your firm certified so you are closer to the b2b sales success.
  • We have a Contract now
    This can a real reason, however, it is also an opportunity to do two things. One is to learn when the contract expires – setting a target opportunity for you to enter the opportunity. The second thing is to learn how satisfied are they with the current situation. What would they change to improve the situation? What in their opinion is missing to raise the bar for their satisfaction level. This gives you a target for the future.
  • Your Price is Too High
    This is due to one of two factors. One, you threw out price way too early in the process before value was created. Thus, the classic “you’re price is too high.” comment. The second factor is there is a perception your company is a high priced or premium priced group. Since they perception is their reality, you may have to have patience and educate them on your value added offering – showing a lower total cost. Remember to use the ROI approach to change their opinions or at least have an objective discussion about value.
  • Tell Me in 10 minutes what you have to Offer
    This is a tactic to apply pressure to you – the b2b sales person. How much can you say in 5 to 10 minutes that is meaningful? Nothing really. This is a trick to get you to say something they can reject any offer you make. Never fall for this tactic. Ask for another time to meet and discuss they situation. Or, if they insist, then just ask questions and get them to use the time answering questions about issues and consequences. One of two things will happen, they will suddenly find time to continue the session or they will set another date to meet and listen to your suggestions. Only rule is never, never go into a sales presentation.
  • Sounds to Complex for Us
    Now this is close to a real issue. If your offering or solution is full of complexity and is difficult to understand – then it is a real issue and you need to go back to the basics and create a more simple solution or offering. Now, if your offering is not complex, then you will need to ask questions concerning what areas are complex in the customer’s opinion. Discuss the issues and offer SIMPLE alternatives if the account is important to you. Complexity is being out of touch with your customers in this day and age. Make things simple and you win more b2b accounts.

Okay, there you have eight bs responses you can get from buyers or decision makers who are looking for ways to stall a b2b sales process. Be prepared to handle these interruptions in your b2b sales process. Join the ranks of the b2b sales superstars.

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