Myth of the Quick Fix in B2B Sales

Today is a little different topic from the normal b2b sales tips, however, it is one that bothers me due to the number of b2b sales managers and people who are believers in the myth.

That’s right, there is no quick fix for b2b sales success.

Learning the ins and outs of today’s b2b sales is a process – just like the b2b sales process, it takes time to learn to master the differences in each b2b sales situation.

So how do deal with this learning issue? The solution is quite simple. Here is a “quick list” of things you can do to prepare for a lifetime of b2b sales success… 

  • Understand learning b2b sales is a continuous learning process
  • Discover your natural strengths and weaknesses
  • Get a Sales Coach to debrief your natural strengths and weaknesses relative to what you sell
  • Use Discipline to study your b2b sales profession as a true professional would do.
  • Recognize the gaps in your present b2b sales skills set and focus on improving these essential skills to get immediate improvement in your results.
  • Learn the soft skills – the ones responsible for high performance as product knowledge is NOT ENOUGH any more.
  • Practice the Questioning Model until you do it automatically – use video or audio to capture the details of your delivery.
  • Use assessments to get objective feedback regarding you. Bias is the big killer of growth.
  • Master the people skills of effective communication and gaining rapport with anyone.

That is only a quick list of things you can begin to do this week to improve your b2b sales results.

In conclusion, there is one major element you must remember as you embark on a continuous improvement process.

B2B Sales positions require the most sophistication of any job in your company. Yes, that is correct.                     – Voss W Graham

Sophistication is the process of becoming or result of becoming more complex, developed, or subtle in your dealings with everyone. It requires you to take the more complex issues – translated as people issues and agendas – and creating a simple environment for solutions and interaction.

Learn the ways of the B2B Sales Superstars and enjoy your B2B Sales Success.

Note: If you are wondering how to learn about your natural strengths and weaknesses, then you need to call me at 901-757-4434, our hours are 9 to 5 USA Central Time Zone. We can talk about your goals, position and create a path for your personal improvement.

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