5 Reasons You Don’t Get a Return Call from Prospects

Have you noticed it is getting harder and harder to get a phone call returned? If you have, welcome to the new reality of life selling to the corporate world.

The real question is what are you doing differently to change the results? If your answer is nothing and you continue to use the “same old – same old” calling techniques – well, you deserve the results you are getting. Sorry, not meaning to be mean spirited, yet, I get impatience with sales people who are noticing things seem different, yet, do not think to try something new or different.

It is time to wake up to the new norm and reality of getting in touch with real buyers and decision makers.

First, what are the reasons these people are not calling you back? 

The Five Most Common Reason for No Return Call from Prospects

  1. Little Time and No Time to Waste
    Leading the list is most people are doing the jobs of 2 to 5 people today and have no time to meet with an unknown stranger who sounds like a possible sales person. When decision makers or executives have a choice they met with people they know and trust who can help them solve an issue.
  2. Voice Mail sounds like a Sales Person
    Most sales people leave the same type of voice – branding you as a self-serving sales person who only wants to pitch their product or service. Using this common voice mail tactic will cause the listener to hit the delete button faster than you can say – no sale!
  3. Have little interest in your product or service
    When you mention a product or service offering, unless the person is actually looking for this product or service at the vary time you call – well, delete! Offering products or services in your voice mail is a definite sign of a sales person. Unfortunately, times have changed and buyers or decision makers no longer wish to be sold anything. They want to only buy things of value and safety.
  4. Calling the Wrong Person
    When you call the “wrong person” or you call without any research into potential issues, then the person will have no regrets in hitting the delete button. Today, you must be thinking, reflecting, researching and doing your homework before picking up the phone. In the “good old days” you could call anyone in an organization and have a discussion or dialogue about products, people in the organization, sports or the weather. No more can you do this, you must have a plan of action and a definite purpose to your calls or emails.
  5. Will Use Technology and Internet to Compare
    Once they know who you are, your company or product/service, if they are interested they use technology to get their questions answered without “wasting time talking to a sales person.” Plus, if they need the product or service they reason it is least expensive to buy what I want using the Internet or auctions rather than paying more for a sales person – read commission payments!

Your goal is to leave messages dealing with possible issues you have uncovered from your research and you would like to meet with them to discuss this issue. Notice there is no discussion about products or services – only helping them to solve the possible problem.

Then is you get no response to the message, do more homework and create a list of potential issues found in the industry or reports about the company on issues you can solve or provide a source for helping the prospect. This is the pathway to becoming an advisor to the prospect or customer – moving you out of the vendor designation.

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