What Are Executive B2B Decision Makers Looking For Today?

The answer to this question is at the heart of the new “norm” and you must pay attention to how this works.

The answer to the question is…


Now  I know some of your are saying – well everyone in b2b sales knows this! Really? Then why are some many sales people still pushing products and service at the mire drop of a possible problem? I mean full presentation mode, yakking about there features and benefits and how the problem will magically go away when you purchase my widgets. 

You see it is not about products or services – yes they are the main reason you are in b2b sales, to sell something – however, the rules have changed in the marketplace and the traditional model of selling will only get you a “can you do better on your price?” or “I can get this cheaper from brand x company.”

Your new goal is to position yourself as a trusted advisor whose main mission in life is to help the executive improve their situation – either with opportunities or productivity. They are not interesting in being sold anything – the want strategic value helping them to achieve or surpass their objectives.

The key for your success in b2b sales today is all about becoming a business expert who sells. This is the presence not the future. To be successful in this action is to relearn how you sell and to whom you sell to in your customer’s organization.

If you are only calling on the purchasing agent, well, enjoy what you can get today because change will get you soon. Purchasing agents are lobbying to get rid of the pesky, aggressive and pushy sales people who are calling on them today. They feel they can get your products faster off the Internet and cheaper since they feel they no longer have to pay your commission. A Big Yikes!

Are you getting ready for the new world of b2b sales? And, did I mention it has already started in several industries and will in yours very soon. Start learning the new school of selling strategic value at the highest levels of the customer or prospect organization – if you want to remain in b2b sales during the next decade.

The important thing is you can learn what to do and how to do it well. It is up to you. Do you want to join the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars or compete with the Internet on price alone? Your choice and your decision.

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