New Year’s Commitment to You – the B2B Sales Person

Today’s post is a little different from all my previous posts. However, if I am committed to helping you achieve higher results during the coming year – well, it’s time to discuss everything that is important and then you can choose which course you want to take.

Personally, I have noticed a change in the b2b sales marketplace. Buyers and Decision makers have less and less time on their hands to meet with and discuss what we have to offer. Other changes have occurred that are even more taxing to our attitudes and ego – things like reserve auctions, internet shopping for things we sell,  RFP overload, and constant shopping of prices designed to minimize our profit margins.

Truthfully, we created some of this due to a lack of selling skills, pushy attitudes and talking too much about our products, services, solutions and offerings. In doing this too often, we created a commodity environment where our customers and prospects could only find one thing to differentiate on – PRICE. Yikes! We shot ourselves in the foot and then only admired our marksmanship. So what can you do? 

During the first quarter of this new year, I will be sharing things you can do to separate yourself from the thundering herd of b2b sales people who think they are providing value and think they are consultative sales people. This only reminds me of Peter Drucker’s statement he made back in the mid 1950’s…

Errant Assumptions are the Root Cause of All Poor Decisions!

Yes, as b2b sales people, we can make some really poor and errant assumptions about our sales skills abilities. And, the more we use them and continue to expect different results – the dumber we get. Sorry, it is true – and yours truly lead the pack for a while. Again, as Bob Dylan’s classic song title states – The Times They are A-Changing! – and we better get on board a new sales train – if we want to stay in the b2b sales superstar ranks.

So, after reflecting, studying and reviewing what is working and what is no longer working – I will begin a providing you with new material designed to help you move up in sales results and performance.

The toughest thing you will have to deal with is unlearning the sales skills you have been using (assuming you are a traditional b2b sales person) and learn how to use the newer sales skills – which do not feel like selling at all. In fact, your new goals or objective is to be seen by your customers and prospects as business people who sell. (Better check out the old Business Acumen folder on this page.)

And keep coming back to this site for your new b2b sales tips and how to become a b2b Sales Superstar.

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