How to Become a Consultative Sales Person

Several people have asked me about the difference between a traditional sales person and a consultative sales person. The difference is easy to recognize, so you must decide which one you are and then chose to be different – if you want to be successful in b2b sales. And then learn how to become a consultative sale person.

First, the traditional sales person has certain traits like looking around a prospect’s office for something to talk about (rapport building?), asking a few targeted questions looking for a problem, offering a solution at the first mention of a problem and going for the sale immediately using 101 ways to close the sale. The traditional approach is short term and is all about making a sale. Presentation skills and closing skills are the important competencies for the traditional sales person.

Now, the key to your future is contained in becoming effective as a consultative sales person. So how do you become a consultative sales person? Simple, not easy, but it is simple. Here you go… 

  1. First think of yourself as a consultant or adviser rather than a sales person.
  2. You are looking for win-win opportunities and solutions.
  3. Listen to what your customer has to say and refrain for giving snap judgments or answers.
  4. You want to build a long-term relationship based upon respect and trust
  5. You want to study and learn the buying process and the criteria used in the decision to buy.
  6. Asking Questions that get the customer involved and thinking rather than reciting facts or details.
  7. Learn to use stories (case studies) that engage the customer’s feelings and thoughts.

Being a consultative sales person is all about focusing on the customer and building a strong business relationship. This way you can make a difference with long term impact. Never be satisfied with only short term results. It is much harder to create new customers than to develop an existing customer.

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