Budget Authority During Tough Times

Here is a very important sales tips for the understanding what happens during economic downturns.

This rule applies to any company or organization experiencing difficult economic times. The cause could be the overall economic conditions like a recession or industry meltdown or it could be an isolated company issue. The key is understand that authority levels change during these periods of time.

The harder or more complex the economic condition the higher within the organization decisions  will go for a yes or okay. In fact, many people who could make a buying decision last year may actually have NO purchasing authority this year due only the economic condition.

Therefore, as you plan to make presentations or proposals to customers today, it may be advisable to seek out your coach or inside advisor to give you an idea of actually has the authority or budget authority to make a buying decision. Then focus upon getting an audience with this individual to ensure your proposal is covering the right information and the risk is limited and payback is high (key factors for success during hard times).

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