Are You Using Gap Analysis to Win B2B Sales?

Unless you are a naturally born product pusher, you should be aware of the power of gap analysis.

This tool is one of the primary techniques used by the B2B Sales Superstars. What is really great is it is a simple process. It is basically a five step process.

Yes, three steps and you can get a customer focused upon the possibilities for success due to listening and buying from you.

Here is how this simple “Gap Analysis” works…

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Your Future Success is Consultative Selling

Been reading several b2b sales books and articles on the future of b2b sales success. While there are many uncertainties regarding the future and the role of the b2b sales person, one thing is for certain.

You will need to master the consultative selling approach and methods.

I believe there are three critical factors involved in making the shift or change for a traditional model of selling to the consultative model of selling.

The three critical factors are…

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How to Talk to Your Customer about Themself

Okay, so you have done your homework with research and visiting with different people within a major account opportunity. Now you have the first opportunity to visit with The Decision Maker about what you have found.

One thing I have to make clear at this point, I’m talking from the framework of a Consultative B2B Sales Person rather than a commodity positioned b2b sales person. Since the latter is only talking about their product or service along with features and benefits, they usually is no discussions with higher level decision makers.

Now is the time you have been waiting for, the opportunity to prove you are the right person to be involved with this company. So, how do share your knowledge with the high level decision maker?

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In B2B Selling, What is a Coach?

Sometimes with years of experience under our belt, I forget there are many new rookies to the world of B2B Sales. These “newbies” may lack a true understanding of some the fundamentals of common terminology.

One area I was recently reminded the new b2b sales people were not informed or savvy about was the role of a coach in the b2b sales process.

So, here are some the things you will need to know about a coach.

First, the true definition of what is a coach?

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Consultative Selling requires Curiosity

I have for many years stated the sales profession is the most sophisticated position in today’s business world. Therefore, the sales position requires the most sophisticated people to succeed in today’ business environments.

One trait that stands out for an effective b2b sales person is Curiosity.

Why curiosity you ask? Good question. The reason curiosity is so important is due to the changing nature of b2b sales. No longer is the memorized sales presentation effective with most buyers and decision makers. The buyers and decision makers have changed and the b2b sales person has to change to meet this new challenge.

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Are You Curious Enough?

Regarding sales people, one trait that I have noticed with the best sales people – including the sales superstars – is the trait of being curious. Why is curiosity important?

Curiosity is the natural need to discover reasons or just information about things we see, hear or touch during the day. For sales people, this is a very positive trait because a curious sales person is one who will ask more questions. More questions leads to new discoveries and information that can impact the progress of the sales process.

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How to Become a Consultative Sales Person

Several people have asked me about the difference between a traditional sales person and a consultative sales person. The difference is easy to recognize, so you must decide which one you are and then chose to be different – if you want to be successful in b2b sales. And then learn how to become a consultative sale person.

First, the traditional sales person has certain traits like looking around a prospect’s office for something to talk about (rapport building?), asking a few targeted questions looking for a problem, offering a solution at the first mention of a problem and going for the sale immediately using 101 ways to close the sale. The traditional approach is short term and is all about making a sale. Presentation skills and closing skills are the important competencies for the traditional sales person.

Now, the key to your future is contained in becoming effective as a consultative sales person. So how do you become a consultative sales person? Simple, not easy, but it is simple. Here you go…

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