Customers Don’t Want to be Sold Anything

Yes, that is totally and 100% correct. Customers or potential customers don’t want to be sold anything.

In fact, if you are using the same old school tactics they have already seen three to six times before seeing you do the same things. Well, it does not feel good from the customer’s point of view. They have greeting other sales people during the day – all using the same small talk tactics – is that your family in  the picture? Did you really catch the fish? Shoot the dear? So you like to ski? Blah, blah, blah.

What are you doing to be different?

First, always remember this – Being Trusted by the Customer is More Important than Being Liked by the Customer. 

The above statement is the most important statement I can make. It is what separates the great sales people from the average to below average sales people. The great b2b sales people build trust from the beginning and never allow themselves to loss it.

Second, while the customer does not want to be sold anything – they do want to BUY from someone they can trust. The only reason they continue to meet more b2b sales people is the desire to finally meet someone they can trust first and buy from second.

Using the questioning model of selling is the fastest way to gain traction with the buyers and decision makers. You are being serious with learning more about their business and themselves. Using the questioning model allows you to go deeper into understanding the issues and concerns of the customer. Using questions rather than a talking point centered presentation model of selling will separate you from the thundering herd of b2b sales people.

Again, remember the customer actually wants (and needs) to buy things from b2b sales people. They do not want to be taken advantage of by overpaying for things nor do they want to be sold something they don’t need or want. Then there is you – the sales person – who really wants to sell things to a customer.

Selling really is a simple process, however, we tend to make it too complex. The last key is to treat your customers with the same level of dignity and respect as you want to be treated. This begins the process of building trust. And, trust is the big key to getting the customer to BUY from you rather than anyone else – including the low price commodity sellers of the world.

Take your time, minimize the small talk and especially personal talk unless the customer engages you in these types of dialogues. It is more important to continue asking good questions which cause the customer to THINK about their business. The more thought they have about their business, the more open they become in sharing issues and concerns they have about their business.

When you show genuine interest in their business and a willingness to help the customer find just the right solution, well, you have entered into the ranks of the b2b sales superstars. It becomes a natural state of business give and take leading to the famous win-win agreements and contracts.

Learn the questioning model of sales today and begin to separate your self from others calling on your accounts. I have watched b2b sales gain an incredible competitive advantage just using the questioning model of b2b sales. Did I mention these sales people were also shown respect by the customer? Did I also mention the customers often called or contacted the sales person to ask them advice on up-coming decisions?

So, stop selling and start building trust and credibility using the questioning model of b2b sales. IT WORKS!

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