Do You Really Know How People Decide to Buy?

How about a provocative question to start the week? Yet, it is a great question to ask of sales people.

Do You Really Know How People Decide to Buy?

I know you will answer with many of the same answers I have used during the years of b2b selling. Here are many of the typical responses to this question…

  • It was the logical thing to do
  • It was based upon the hot button
  • It solved their problem
  • It had real value add
  • It was the low cost solution
  • It was the safe choice

Okay, once again, focus upon the real question – How Decisions are Made – rather than what you sold them.

Now if you are like most people (and I was included in this group until a few years ago), assumptions were made based upon our experience in selling, what sales trainers had told us and other externally driven answers. However, precious little thought time was devoted to learning how the decisions are made. 

Now, a new science and all the growing mountains of information are coming out and giving us answers to this simple yet provocative question – How Are Decisions Made.

The science of Neurology is telling us more and more about how the brain works. Books are popping up like –The Buying Brain; The Hidden BrainNeuroMarketing and several other books are  just hitting the book racks.

These amazing books and articles are showing the b2b sales people how to properly influence the buying decisions of others. In fact, the information is turning our world of selling and especially marketing upside down.

Over the next few weeks, I will be summarizing some of this amazing information for you. It is very important you understand how the brain works and what will influence a decision maker to buy.

This has no manipulation involved, in fact, it creates a pathway for sincere conversation with your decision makers using methods whereby they are happy to buy rather than the negative of being sold.

As I have studied the new research available about how the brain actually works I’m getting the answers to so many questions from the past. Often I would find myself in b2b sales situations thinking I had won a contract, only to learn shortly afterwards someone else got the deal.

So, why should you take your valuable time to read the coming b2b sales tips about some neuroscience stuff? Well, the reason I’m learning about it is due to the changing sales environment. I’m running into changes whereby it is harder to meet with decision makers, the sales process has slowed to a crawl for many previous fast paced decision makers, and finally my old sales process was getting fewer and fewer leads generated for new sales opportunities.

I knew something had to change – and surprise – it was not going to be the customer. It is time for you to begin thinking differently, if you want to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and ride the new wave of b2b sales momentum. It is coming and the only question is “Are You Ready?”

Finally, I apologize for the lack of action steps in this article for you. However, I needed to set the stage and get you thinking today. Take a moment to reflect upon your current world of b2b selling. Ask yourself (and be honest since you are talking to yourself.) what has changed in my sales process? Are my customers acting differently? Do they seem bored with my presentations? Do they treat you like a commodity sales person and always ask about price? (This is the most telling of the reflections.) Are your customers and potential customers returning your phone calls or emails immediately?

There you have your action commitment steps for the day. Future articles will begin to address these issues and how to improve your b2b sales using this new information from the neurosciences.

One last note: This amazing material / research on how the brain works has proven one thing to me that is probably the most important learning point of the whole process. The Questioning Model for b2b Selling is the key to future b2b sales success. Learning the Questioning Model for B2B Sales is required knowledge for now and the future.

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