10 Reasons – Why People Buy

While looking through some old notes during the holidays, I found this handy list of 10 reasons or basic needs used by people to buy. And, I thought you may find the list interesting and helpful when selling to the individuals within an organization.

Here are the top ten reasons – Why People Buy 

  • Friendship
    The most basic of needs – friendship. Even in this world of technology, people still seek out people to be friends. Trust and respect will get you to this milestone.
  • Popularity
    This one is more difficult for b2b sales, yet, I have seen it happen when a major problem is eliminated – the decision maker who makes the decision to get it done is suddenly a popular person within the organization. So it does work in b2b sales.
  • Status
    Some decision makers want to be seen by others as more important. This is your status seekers. Help them get the respect and acclaim they want and you will have a loyal customer.
  • Perceived Needs
    This is the main door for b2b sales – once the need is perceived. Here again is an opportunity for you to use the power of Questioning Model for b2b Sales to open a buyers eyes to the reality of an existing or future issue. When this happens they will be calling you to deal with the issue.
  • Prestige
    This one is similar to status, yet, it involves more of an emotional agenda. Here the buyer actually feels they have moved into a higher ranking of individuals with the organization due to their decision making talents.
  • Recognition
    Since most individuals within an organization look forward to being recognized publicly for their contributions to the organization, when they do get positive recognition they will make certain the person who helped them get it will be available to assist in future recognition.
  • Health
    In the world of b2b sales, this one is all about eliminating stress from an individual’s life. By taking the pressure off, they can relax and feel better – leading to better health. This is becoming a bigger issue with the new healthcare laws and the green movements.
  • Respect
    A simple element or trait, yet, one of the key ingredients for enjoying their work environment and culture. Help an individual to gain respect within their business environment, and again you will have a loyal customer.
  • Success
    This factor is all about results and outcomes which are favorable to the decision maker. Help them understand how they will win more often and therefore get the credit for the success of their area or company.
  • Wealth
    Here we are dealing with the very top – the C suite with corporations or small business owners – who are looking for an opportunity to improve their organization’s worth. Thus, the more valuable their organization, the more wealth they will ultimately claim either with operating bonuses, out right sell of the organization or some other exit strategy used to insure an independent life with wealth.
  • Power
    This final reason or need for an individual is found in the people who are looking to get ahead of everyone else and be seen as the one in power. Their ability to show their power can be a true asset to the people who help them gain the power. The flip side to this is something you will want to avoid. Show respect for the Power person and show them how you can help them get more, keep what they have or leverage events for even more power.

Take a moment to reflect upon some of your recent sales success. Which of the reasons do you believe were involved in the buyers decision process?

They all work with the right people and at the right time. You job is to use your Questioning Model for B2B Sales success to discover which of the basic needs or reasons fit your decision maker. Then help them discover how you fit into their world. Then you will have more customers and especially more happy and satisfied customers.

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