Five Reasons to Use the Questioning Model of b2b Selling

Just reviewing several notes on effective selling and realized a few sales people keep asking me the same question…

Why Should I Use the Questioning Model of b2b Selling over the Traditional Presentation Model?

Therefore, I decided to point out five specific reasons to use the Questioning Model for b2b Sales. Here are the five reasons for using the Questioning Model for b2b Sales… 

  1. Focus is On the Customer
    The Questioning Model forces you to focus upon the customer rather than yourself. By focusing on the customer’s answers to your questions, you will learn more about the important issues felt by the customer. The ability to gain greater rapport and trust is a direct by-product of the questioning model – so I highly recommend you develop this skill today.
  2. Uncovers Real Issues not Blame
    Through the proper use of the Questioning Model for b2b Selling you will uncover real issues and real problems without assigning blame to the causes. It is more important to uncover real issues you can assist in eliminating or controlling. Thus, improving the conditions for your customers.
  3. Creates Collaboration
    This is one of the fun parts of the Questioning Model for b2b Selling, you can create collaborative efforts to solve the issues with your customers. This collaborative effort creates lasting business relationships which will give you a decidedly advantage against your competitors.
  4. Fosters Ownership
    Your goal is to have your customers taking ownerships of the suggestions and solutions you build with them. The more they take ownership the more likely they will implement the solutions without looking to you to “do it for them.”
  5. Differentiates You from the Competition
    Here is the real advantage. Several of my clients (who have transitioned to the Questioning Model for b2b Selling from the Traditional Presentation Model of Selling) have told me how much more respect they are getting from their customers. How you sell can create a distinctive advantage for you in the hyper-competitive marketplace.

There you have the five reason for using the Questioning Model for b2b Sales. Study this information and make a decision as to which model you will use. It is a personal choice and THE hardest factor is to unlearn old habits – like the Presentation Model – and move to the more effective b2b sales model.

I will be sharing more on the Questioning Model for B2B Selling in the coming b2b sales tips. So keep checking in or use the RSS feed to get notified of any new b2b sales tips being posted.

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