Find New Accounts to Grow Your Sales

I am asked multiple times a week, How Can I Grow My Sales?

This questions hangs with every sales person I speak to and to my surprise very few get the best answer to question.

What is the answer?  Find New Accounts

Use Lead Generation techniques to find new opportunities for your sales growth. There are several methods or sources to create b2b sales leads and here are a few…

  • The Library – yes, for the old school group who still prefer a book to a computer, go to the library and spend some time looking for names and companies to buy your product and services  Find publications of List of trade associations, business who’s who books, .
  • The Internet – for the modern folks in sales, use your computer to find leads and articles about prospects in your territory or industry.
  • Google Alerts – This is a handy little tool from Google that allows you to get emails with articles about companies or industries that you want to know about. These come as often as you want – daily or weekly – you choose.
  • Business Newspapers and Journals – Both the business sections in the areas or cities you visit and the weekly Business Journals. These articles are gold mines for current information about companies and industries.
  • Lists – List of businesses with contact information is a great starting point for your research. Usually, this type of information can assist you in pin pointing local or regional opportunities – depending upon who and what you sell.
  • Purchased Lists or Databases – A great source if you have the budget resources to get these types of lists. Consolidation of list sources has limited the number of great resources and pricing/costs have gone up. The key is to be able to clearly define the standards or variables of accounts and information you want.
  • Trade Associations – If your company is a member, use the resources available to find diamonds in the membership roles. Usually you can get information from the trade association executives about companies and contacts within the companies. A great source of information.
  • Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Centers – More localized, yet very valuable for lead generation. The membership list can be valuable, yet, find time to participate in Chamber of Commerce functions and meet the people in your targeted companies. Ask the executives for introductions into selected or ideal customer organizations. Remember, relationships still rule in the sales game.

There you have a short list of business or lead generation opportunities for you to take action upon this week.

The key for your sales success is to always keep building your prospect list, fulling your sales pipeline and working the accounts using your sales process daily. The sales people and companies that fail, usually fail for a lack of new customers rather than a lack of products, services or great ideas.

Get started today in building a lead generation list of sales opportunities and work your list everyday and watch your sales go through the roof!

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