Is Your True Focus on Your Customer’s Satisfaction?

Without being corny today, I have a very important question for you.

Is Your True Focus on Your Customer’s Satisfaction?

This is a very telling question and your answer will give you insight into your degree of b2b sales success. You must take a moment and answer the question, even write it down. The reason for writing it down is to gain complete clarity regarding the reason you are in the b2b sales business. And, the answer should have something to do with your customers – creating an improvement or making their life better in some way. 

When I talk with the industry superstars – the b2b sales superstars – I hear their reasons for being in b2b sales. And to a person, the reason is related in most part to being in a position to help their customers. No surprise here – however, what was your answer to the question? If it was all about you or making a bunch of money, then you need to rediscover your role regarding the importance of the customer in your b2b sales success.

If your answer had any reasons other than improving your customer’s situation and increasing their satisfaction levels, you have some work to do.

I have found there are many “lone wolf” or highly independent people in the b2b sales world as b2b sales people. Personally, that is not a problem – you need the drive and focus upon controlling your own destiny to be good in outside and self-directed b2b sales.

However, that being said, there is another side of the equation for you to master. It is all about having balance between being driven for success AND making certain you are working in your customer’s best interest. Point- in this case, the customer’s best interest is referring to something other than giving them the lowest price and any concessions they want. I prefer to follow the pathway of offering best value, taking care of all the details for success to simply happen and handling every “moment of truth” as an opportunity to gain customer loyalty.

So, if your answers were surface driven – like more money, ego, reputation, or even just the challenge of winning more often – then you need to sit down and connect more dots. In other words, dig down into what truly matters. What is the role of the customer in your mind? How does helping them more actually help you more? How can focusing upon the wants and needs of the customer give you a higher status than your competition?

As you dig deeper into the reasons behind your drive and passion for b2b sales, you will find a greater satisfaction level than ever before. You will actually begin to look for ways to create greater satisfaction for your customers – both at the personal level of buyers and decision makers and the professional or enterprise level of doing the right things for the good of the whole.

Join the ranks of the b2b sales superstars today by learning the importance of being focused on the right thing – your customer’s satisfaction.

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