Guidelines for “Practicing” a Critical Sales Presentation

Had a couple of b2b sales people ask me last week about what they needed to be watching for when they practice or rehearse their upcoming sales presentation.

What a proactive questions from a combination of experienced b2b sales people?

After discussing the finer points of guidelines for practicing their important sales presentation, I realized this is something to share with you.

So, here are the Seven Guidelines for Practicing a Critical Sales Presentation…

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Sales Presentation Tips – Storytelling Voice

Okay, I know you know I’m a big believer in the questioning model of selling and therefore, the use of sales presentations is limited. However, if you must give a sales presentation, it is very important to do it well and do it right.

Below are some sales presentation tips to improve your credibility in the eyes of the decision makers listening and observing your sales presentation.

Today, I will focus primarily on one specific trait of the effective b2b sales presentation – the tonal qualities. Here are some of the most important tonal qualities…

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B2B Sales Presentations – When to Do It?

I’ve been getting a number of requests for information lately for how to do B2B Sales Presentations. Therefore, I will be adding some new information regarding b2b sales presentations over the next few weeks.

First, let me start by talking about When to do b2b sales presentations. There seems to be some confusion regarding the use of b2b sales presentations.

The best time to do a b2b sales presentation is never. Okay, you can quit screaming at the computer screen about how stupid that sounds.

Well, the truth is most of the average b2b sales people attempt to create a sale using the sales presentation as the tool for their success. Is it any surprise that this old school sales tactic has an extremely low success ratio?

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B2B Sales Presentation Tip – Move or Be Still?

Seems several of you want to know about b2b sales presentation skills and are asking specific questions looking for helpful tips. So, I will start with one I hear often.

When do I move around and when do I stand still during my b2b sakes presentation?

Okay, first let me cover this by asking you which are you more comfortable and confident doing? This is a key point. When I do sales presentation training for sales people, the first thing we determine, is what is each person’s natural skills and comfort zone.

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Ten Fatal Flaws of B2B Sales Presentations to Avoid

Sales Presentations remain the top method or skill you need to win over prospects or to take a customer to the next level of success. Therefore, it is an area you need to focus your attention. Learning how to make superior presentations means also knowing what not to do during your b2b sales presentations.

To assist you I want to share the Big 10 Mistakes people make during actual sales presentations. These mistakes lead to losing the business, sale or the account. Remember, your credibility is on the line every time you make the most of each opportunity – making certain to avoid these ten mistakes…

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What To Do Before Your Sales Presentation

While most b2b sales people ask me about how to do sales presentations effectively, the smart ones are asking what to do before they get “on stage.”

Here are six tips to use before you make your sales presentations. Using all or some of these tips will make your sales presentation more successful. So, use them and let me know how they worked for you.

Here are the six tips to use before you do your sales presentation…

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B2B Sales Presentation Tips

“Can you or should you use your b2b prospect or customer’s logo in your sales presentation?”

Several times this question has come up from sales people so I thought I should share my response to help as many b2b sales people as possible.

The answer is “Yes,” you should use their logo when you are talking about a proposal to the company. However, their are a couple of additional tips to offer you as well as a couple of things to check.

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Simple B2B Sales Presentation

Several of you have been asking about what kind of sales presentation do I use in B2B sales or what should I focus upon during the sales presentation?

Good questions and my answer is simple.

First, don’t do a sales presentation until you have all the information you need to build a case for the customer to make a simple decision. Meaning the faster way to lose a sale is to present too early in the sales process since there is probably no value built up for your customer to feel it is good thing to change to your solution.

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Better Presentations in Six Simple Steps

Seems like sales people are always asking me about how to make their sales presentations better. What presentation tips can I help them with to gain an advantage?

Other than the most common areas to focus upon – questioning skills to get valuable information prior to presentations and great planning and strategy are the real keys to having an effective sales presentation.

Yet, I find the need to share some practical how-to’s with my sales clients, both for confidence and the realization of when a sales presentation is going well.

So, here are six simple steps to better presentations…

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Ten Tips to Effective Sales Presentations

Are Your Slide Presentations Effective?

After watching or reviewing hundreds of slide presentations used by sales people, I have decided very few of these sales people understood the term effectiveness when applied to their slide presentations. Most of the slides are nothing more than data spreadsheets or short books of information text covering every slide.

This is not the way to “win friends and influence people” during a sales presentation. Take some time to create the professional image you want the customer to take away from your sales presentation. Take some time to prepare your presentation and use techniques to help build a professional image.

Here are Ten Tips to Effective Slide Presentations

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