Six Ways to Strengthen Your B2B Sales Strategy

Most of the time, b2b sales people just make a call on a prospect or customer using the “wing-it” sales strategy. Meaning they just show up and trust they ability to figure things out on the fly and make a sales.

“Making a Sale” is the first mistake, since it is seldom focused upon the long term Account Relationship. It is much more important to build an account than to make a “sale.”

To assist you in the develop of a clear and concise sales strategy for a targeted account, here are six ways to strengthen your B2B sales strategy… 

  1. Solicit Insight and Advice – Internally
    Look for advice and wisdom from the top performers on your sales team. If your sales manager is strategic use their knowledge and expertise also. Collaboration is the future of selling, so you might get started early and practice with your peers.
  2. Utilize Your Coaches
    Primarily I’m referring to the coaches you have developed inside a targeted account. Always get an insiders input to your sales strategy. This way you will have an inside champion supporting your sales strategy – again a preemptive measure to increase the probability of success.
  3. Execute Your Strategy Boldly
    Being shy or reserved in your execution of sales strategy is a big mistake. Now is the time to be bold – strong, aggressive and assertive in your delivery and execution of your sales strategy.
  4. Design Timing into Your Strategy
    Never failure to include thoughts and design of timing into your b2b sales strategy. The truth is timing is everything. Sometimes is timing relative to contract deadlines, or getting the top people to buy-in to your concept before going for any commitment. Also, there are economic and trend issues to think about relative to the timing of your sales process.
  5. Develop a Plan B
    You need a plan B if or when your primary Plan A does not work or a new condition enters the sales process. Think of this as your contingency plan when the primary plan does not work or you see the timing is poor, etc.
  6. Be Professional
    This is one of the things we need to always remember as a key to our b2b sales success. Customers are looking for and seeking out professionals they can trust and relate with in their business world. Be the professional at all times when interacting with the customer or prospect and again – you improve your probability for b2b sales success.

There are six factors to strengthen your execution of your targeted b2b sales strategy. Use these while building and executing your strategy and these will provide a solid foundation for you. Oh, and lose the “wing – it” sales strategy as it is no longer a successful strategy.

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