Sixteen Words that Motivate Buyers

You already know I’m big with word usage. The words you use can create a connection between you and the decision maker quickly. In fact, you need to understand word usage at the highest level to become one of the b2b sales superstars.

Now there are the sophisticated version of word usage which helps you actually niche or position yourself with different types of positions. Here we’re talking about researched words, phrases and methods to gain immediate rapport with different position types.

However, in this b2b sales tip, I’m really only using words designed to get the buyers attention and focus to want to know more about what you are offering or talking about. These words have been determined to create the most motivated responses from buyers and decision makers. Therefore, you need to be aware of these words and use them in your emails, texts and letters.

Here are the Big Sixteen… 

  • You or Your
    Biggest and best words in the mind of the buyer.
  • Money
    Particularly if you are selling to small business owners (combine with SAVE.).
  • Guarantee
    This reduces the risk of buying.
  • Easy
    As in simple or ease of use. People still are looking for easy methods of doing things.
  • Love
    Probably more of a personal type of sell.
  • Proven
    When selling to engineers this is very important.
  • Benefit
    This is what they are looking for – what will they get?
  • Results
    Managers, Executives and Owners are always looking for results.
  • Fun
    Seems to be more in demand, particularly with the Gen Y group.
  • Healthy
    Again, more aimed at the personal sell, yet could be good for agriculture.
  • New
    Everyone wants to know what is new. Offer “new” to your fast paced and aggressive buyers before anyone else.
  • How to
    These are like super magic words. People want to know how to things to improve.
  • Safe
    A large percentage of the population want to have security and safe is the starting point.
  • Now
    Attention grabbing word, use it for special offers or events.
  • Free (except in emails due to SPAM filters)
    Great word, bad impact if used in an email. SPAM filters send any email with Free in the subject line straight to the Junk Folder. So, be careful using this word.
  • Save
    Who does not want to save money, time, energy, gas, expenses, and effort?

Use these words regularly in your prospecting letters, emails and test messages. Your buyers and customers will be motivated to want to know more. Then it is up to you and your b2b sales skills to move the sales process forward.

Take a look at last weeks correspondence. How often did you include one or several of these words in your messages? If you had none of these words in your message, what were the results compared to a message which included the words?

Take some time to reflect upon how to use these words in natural sentences or statements when you are engaged with a prospect or target account contact. Make it natural and you will get better interest in your offerings or at a minimum a visit to discuss your offerings.

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