Once More – Reduce Risk to Win B2B Sales

One of the main issues or reasons for either “no decision” or “we’re going with competitor x” is directly related to the decision maker feeling your solution or offering is too risky.

Even if you feel you have the absolute best solution, if any undue risk or perception of risk raises it ugly head in the final moments – no dealt is coming your way.

Why does risk rate so high in the decision makers minds?

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Four Types of Real Competition

Seems like everyday I’m working with a b2b sales person I get this question…

Who are My Competitors?

The first type of competitor is usually the easiest to figure out. Usually it entails a list of your major competitors within the industry or supplier types. Since this is the most common answer, it is a key bit of knowledge to have and use. In fact, I would suggest you create a matrix of competitors with the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor. This will assist you in developing a strategy to defeat an external competitor.

However there are three other types of competition for your funding. These three are usually not at the top of mind for the b2b sales person and thus little to no time is used to win against these menacing competitors who cause us to come in second on many projects or sales opportunities.

Here are other three competitors…

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Five Self Made Destructive Mindsets

Often I am asked by a sales manager to coach a sales person who is not meeting their performance goals or standards. Sometimes I’m told straight out that the sales person has lose their motivation or drive to be successful.

After assessing the individual and reviewing all the data and information provided by the sales manager, I begin the coaching process. Using questions to open up dialogue and trust, an interesting pattern begins to unfold, the sales person has the skill set and knowledge to be successful, yet their results indicate another issue.

A majority of the time I find three major factors in play…

  1. The Sales Person is Missing a Key Skill which can be developed.
  2. The Sales Person is a total Mismatch to the Sales Position thus a lack of performance.
  3. The Sales Person has a set of beliefs or a pattern of destructive mindsets which need special coaching. ( refer to Winning Mindset for Sales )

When working with sales people in the third group, I have found five self made destructive mindsets causing the majority of the poor performance. Here are the five most common self-made mindsets…

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Six Strategies to Win against a Leading Competitor

One of the toughest situations a b2b sales person can be in today, is when you know your competitor is ahead of you for a sales objective. So, what do you do to overtake the competitor and win the sale or the account.

There are six possible strategies to use. Any one or any combination of the six should help you gain an advantage with a prospect or existing customer during these critical negotiations.

Here are the six b2b sales strategies to use to win against a tough competitor.

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40 Reasons to Ask Questions in B2B Sales

Again, I am surprised by the amount of push back I get regarding the use of questions in b2b sales today. It is the key sales skill necessary for continuous b2b sales success.

So, if you need more reasons for using questions in your b2b sales process, here are forty reasons to use questions…

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Four Buying Signals for B2B Sales Success

Several times when coaching my sales clients, I get this common question – “How do you know when a customer is ready to buy?”

This question opens the door to when does a b2b sales person need to ask for the business or to gain a commitment from the customer. I know some of you are thinking this is about closing the sale. Well, I believe you ask for the business in simple ways – you do not need 101 ways to close a sales in b2b selling.

What you do need is a keen eye for the buying signals from your customer. This offers you the opportunity to check for agreement and gain a commitment for the next step of the sales process – which could be just asking for the business.

So here are four common buying signals for you to master as a b2b sales person.

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Consultative Selling requires Curiosity

I have for many years stated the sales profession is the most sophisticated position in today’s business world. Therefore, the sales position requires the most sophisticated people to succeed in today’ business environments.

One trait that stands out for an effective b2b sales person is Curiosity.

Why curiosity you ask? Good question. The reason curiosity is so important is due to the changing nature of b2b sales. No longer is the memorized sales presentation effective with most buyers and decision makers. The buyers and decision makers have changed and the b2b sales person has to change to meet this new challenge.

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