Listen before Sharing a Solution

Once again I watched a b2b sales person do a no-no, if they want to be effective and sell more to their customers. What is the no-no I’m talking about?

No Sharing Solutions or Making a Presentation until You Have Listened in Depth to What the Customer or Prospect Desires.

I know, this is considered an elementary issue by some of you, yet, I continue to see b2b sales people continue to shoot themselves in the foot and admire their marksmanship – rather not shooting in the first place.

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Listening the Other Number One Skill in Selling

Closely related to the Questioning skill is the ability to actively listen to everything being said and also what is not being openly said. The key for the sales person is to focus on the customer when the customer is talking and particularly when answering questions presented by the sales person. The number one flaw with aggressive sales people is they are too busy thinking about what they will say next, mentally rehearsing the script plan or just plain thinking about other things unrelated to moment.

Sales Superstars take the proactive listening skill to the next level – giving them a competitive advantage and greater trust with their customers. There are several reasons to improve our listening skills:

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Listening to the Customer – the Best Sales Tip

Okay, today I want to share the best sales tip for the year. It is very simple and straight-forward. ” Ask the Customer what they want and then Listen intently to their answer!” I am still amazed by sales people and customer service personnel who fail to get clarity regarding what is most important to … Read more…

Get Customers Involved for Commitment

Today’s tip is for sales people and leaders. It’s a simple concept that works its magic with no pain or ill feelings. It’s all about focusing on the other person. Here how it works.

Ask a question of a customer or employee, listen to the response and then ask another question for clarity on the topic answer. You use a simple phrase:

“Help me understand…(fill in the blank based upon the previous answer).”

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