Two Questions to Drive Your B2B Sales Improvement

Seems most b2b sales people wait around for someone else to tell them how to improve their b2b sales skills. So, unless you have a great sales manager who takes great pride in coaching you up to the next level of success – you will be in a major delay pattern regarding your b2b sales improvement.

So, what can you do to improve your b2b sales skills?

It is very simple, yet, very effective. After every sales call, take out a notebook (not the computer kind – an actual paper based product) and write the answer to two questions.

Those two questions are…

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Use Your “Signature File” to Increase Productivity

I have shared this personal productivity tip with several of my sales coaching clients with good results regarding time management and productivity increases.

Here is the issue: Most sales people do not like to follow up with emails or prefer to be talking to people rather than writing an email about a routine topic.

Productivity Solution

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Are You Using the One Percent Solution?

Are you using the one percent solution in your personal growth as a sales person? This question is important – if you really want to be good or excellent in selling.

The best sales people are always learning things to improve their sales success. How often do you learn new things about sales, selling to difficult people, industry trends of your products and your customers, new technology in processes or industry? Get my drift here. Learning is not an option – it is mandatory.

So what is this one percent solution?

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