Two Questions to Drive Your B2B Sales Improvement

Seems most b2b sales people wait around for someone else to tell them how to improve their b2b sales skills. So, unless you have a great sales manager who takes great pride in coaching you up to the next level of success – you will be in a major delay pattern regarding your b2b sales improvement.

So, what can you do to improve your b2b sales skills?

It is very simple, yet, very effective. After every sales call, take out a notebook (not the computer kind – an actual paper based product) and write the answer to two questions.

Those two questions are… 

  1. What did I do really well during this sales call?
  2. What can I improve upon during my next sales call?

Yes, I know these are simple questions – until you begin to answer them after each sales call. And, the answers will bring the most improvement to your sales skills.

Let’s review the impact of each question…

What did I do really well during this sales call? Here you are looking for things you did well and recognizing you did certain things well. This action is designed to reinforce the things you did well. Bring these skills to a top of mind awareness – allows you to easily repeat them in the future. You could even begin to describe these traits as personal strengths.

What can I improve upon during my next sales call? Now you are looking for specific ways to improve your skills by identifying what you know to be areas you could have done better during the sales call. Make a clear statement regarding exactly what you could improve and later make an action plan to make it happen.

Notice I did not ask you to ask a question about what you did wrong – only what you could improve upon. Most people have no problem seeing what they did wrong. Yet, research has shown this to be a highly negative approach with negative results to the self esteem of the individual. Thus, we want you thinking in a positive manner about ways to progress and improve.

There you have it. Two questions to use after every sales call you make. Record your successes and identify areas for improvement. After doing this for several months, you will become one of the best sales people in your company. Try it and find out how fast you improve.

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