Six Ways to Strengthen Your B2B Sales Strategy

Most of the time, b2b sales people just make a call on a prospect or customer using the “wing-it” sales strategy. Meaning they just show up and trust they ability to figure things out on the fly and make a sales.

“Making a Sale” is the first mistake, since it is seldom focused upon the long term Account Relationship. It is much more important to build an account than to make a “sale.”

To assist you in the develop of a clear and concise sales strategy for a targeted account, here are six ways to strengthen your B2B sales strategy…

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Be the Low Risk Provider in B2B Sales

Being the low risk provider is the key to successful B2B sales. Please do not confuse low risk with low cost as these are light years apart. Too often the sales people I coach want to go to the dark side of sales – being the low cost provider.

Being the low cost provider is an unhealthy position for most sales people because the customer will find another sales person who will sell for a lower price than you offered. And, when selling strictly on price – low bid wins.

However, being the low RISK provider is an entirely different sales strategy. In fact, you could be the highest priced sales person and win – if the buyer sees you as the real low risk provider.

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Buying Lunch is No Longer a Sales Strategy

You would believe that buying lunch for a buyer or decision maker is some type of unique or sure-fire sales strategy based upon the volume of this practice. However, here’s a message for those that actually want to be successful in the sales profession.

“Learn How to be Known as a Problem Solver for Customers!”

The key thing you can choose to learn, is how do I solve customer problems that keep them up at night? Customers are looking for sales people or anyone that can solve their problems – quickly. So how do you become the top of mind problem-solver?

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Use LinkedIn for Business

Are You LinkedIn? If Not, You should be if you want people to know you.

Just a reminder that LinkedIn is one of the “new” social networks for marketing and credibility. I have found that people seem to be in one of three camps. The first camp is “I don’t want my information on the internet!” And the second camp is “I’ve got my toe in the water – but what am I getting for this effort!” And finally the third camp – “Wow! Look at all the contacts I can make!”

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Your Sales Strategy During Bad Times – Take Action

I have recently been talking to CEO’s and Key Corporate Officers about the current economic conditions and how their results are during this time. After listening to all the different opinions one thing jumped out for me. The more successful companies and individuals were the ones that were taking focused and clear action. The ones who really in bad shape were taking the “Field of Dreams” approach – wishing and hoping that someone will come and buy what they offer!

Okay, so taking action should be a no-brainer for everyone in business. Well, it is not so according to the number of people that I meet and talk with on a daily basis. This is why I am writing about this subject today. Get out and touch someone – now!

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