Use Success Stories to Create Interest in You

One of the best methods for creating interest from decision makers is to discuss success stories with issues, challenges or ways to increase revenues they are currently dealing with in their organization. Talk about getting their attention in a nanosecond.

Most of the b2b sales people are doing just the opposite. These smart b2b sales people are yakking about their products and benefits or wanting to set an appointment to discuss how to work together. These are old school methods and scream – “I’m a sales person and I want to sell you something!”

Decision makers today have NO TIME for pushy, aggressive or old school sales people. They want to work with business people who can advise them on the best practices and methods to reverse negative issues or accelerate positive results. 

Thus the use of success stories. A short success story will engage the decision maker who is relating to the issues and actually placing themselves in the roll of the company getting the success. So by using success stories you can accomplish the following…

  • Learn if this decision maker actually is dealing with this issue.
  • Gain credibility as someone who has succeeded in helping a real customer.
  • Show experience in dealing with real issues and knowing how to fix them.
  • Understand the implementation process to improve a customers results
  • Demonstrate business acumen using financial return data such as return on investment.
  • Finally, create interest in learning more from you about your ability to help the decision maker.

As you can see from the list above you are positioning yourself as a solution provider or a business advisor who can really help a company improve results. This is a more favorable position than a b2b sales person pushing their products or services. The sales person gets either no response or is sent to the lower chambers of the organization where the classic commodity pricing effect in place.

Separate yourself from the thundering herd of traditional sales people and show your prospects and top level customers you are a difference maker.

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Voss Graham

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