Use the Farmer Concept to Win B2B Sales

Now I know some of your are thinking – I’m not a Farmer, I’m a Hunter – so this will not work for me. So stop right there and realize a hunter can use different strategies to hunt. Some work better than others. This is an example of what works best – even or especially for hunters.

So let’s start by looking at the process used by a farmer to create a new crop to sell. There are five primary steps to the farmers process or concept. These are…

  1. Cultivates
  2. Plants Seeds
  3. Fertilizes
  4. Protects
  5. Harvest 

Five simple steps that can be used by B2B Sales People everyday to win more and better business. Let’s look at how you can use each step. Let’s convert each step into a usable sales tip for you…

  1. Cultivate – Here is where you begin the sales process. You will do basic research of the prospects business and business model. What do they sell and who do they sell it too. Is is the right type of prospect for your business (meaning is this prospect likely to buy what you sell?). Then you begin to figure who to call on in the company for best results. Who are the decision makers? Influencers? You learn about the demographics of the prospect company and what are their trend lines in sales and profitability? What is their current financial position? In other words, you are preparing to enter the account.
  2. Plant Seeds – You look for potential problems within the prospect’s business and increase the dissatisfaction relative to their current position. It is also time to begin suggesting what the future could be like – “planting the seeds” for change.
  3. Fertilizes – Here you are helping to determine the actual costs associated with the problem and the related costs to other parts of the business. The pain or consequences of inaction or lack of willingness to change the situation has to be clarified and lines of responsibility clearly drawn. A sense of urgency to take action is brewing.
  4. Protects – This is a two fold step. The first is to protect your prospect from the actions of competitors, who will attempt to muscle into the party at the last minute – usually by offering a lower price. Protect your prospect from these uninvited guests.
    The second part of protects is guiding the implementation of your solution. During any transition there will be problems, hurt egos and situaitons to be addressed. It is your responsibility to make certain these are dealt with immediately to preserve the new crop until total harvest has occurred and next years planning has begun.
  5. Harvest – The process is almost done. This years crop is “in the barn” and your yield is good. However, it is now time to calculate the yields (ROI and like financial data to show the customer), prove your value and begin to plan the next phase or crop to be harvested. Did you get all the business or only the north 40? How many additional fields of opportunity are now available for you to help grow?

The Farmer Concept is all about working hard – and smart – to maximize the yields of the land available. Does this sound familiar? Does to me and most of the high performers in sales today. Learn from the farmer concept sales tip and apply what works for you today. And, watch your yields increase on your land of opportunity.

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