Use LinkedIn for Business

Are You LinkedIn? If Not, You should be if you want people to know you.

Just a reminder that LinkedIn is one of the “new” social networks for marketing and credibility. I have found that people seem to be in one of three camps. The first camp is “I don’t want my information on the internet!” And the second camp is “I’ve got my toe in the water – but what am I getting for this effort!” And finally the third camp – “Wow! Look at all the contacts I can make!”

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Your Sales Strategy During Bad Times – Take Action

I have recently been talking to CEO’s and Key Corporate Officers about the current economic conditions and how their results are during this time. After listening to all the different opinions one thing jumped out for me. The more successful companies and individuals were the ones that were taking focused and clear action. The ones who really in bad shape were taking the “Field of Dreams” approach – wishing and hoping that someone will come and buy what they offer!

Okay, so taking action should be a no-brainer for everyone in business. Well, it is not so according to the number of people that I meet and talk with on a daily basis. This is why I am writing about this subject today. Get out and touch someone – now!

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Starting Point is Understanding Sales Growth

In Developing Your B2B Sales it is very important to understand Business Acumen. Since it will be a key topic, I will begin with a basic discussion point: Sales Growth. This has become the top subject in many offices and board rooms due to the recessional impact by the economy. Every executive is focused upon increasing revenues. It has become the number one thing keeping them awake at night. While I will discuss this point, I want to share the balanced approach to looking at Sales Growth – since their are companies that are still growing even in this economy.

Sales Growth is one of the first things you should be looking at to understand the culture within the company. There are three variables for you to consider when reviewing growth. First, you can have growth; Second, you can have a declining sales trend; and Third, you can have no growth or no change in sales volume. The key is watch the trends. One year is never enough to assess the progress of a companies sales. Several years of sales (Five years is best, three is a minimum and for large public companies – 10 years) One of the best sources for public company data can be found in Yahoo Finance.

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Eight Questions About Financial Health of Customers

There are eight questions that you -as a salesperson- should know the answers about your customer. An added benefit is to learn the answers regarding your own company. Then and only then, will you be in a position of strength. Where does this strength come from – understanding the financial health of your customer.

Let’s exam the eight questions that hold the answer to your customer’s financial health. The eight are as follows:

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The Best Question to Ask a Customer or Prospect

Through the years of training sales people one topic comes up on a regular basis – How do I get the Customer/Prospect to talk to me? In reality, this is the most important thing that a Salesperson has to do – get the customer or prospect to tell them about things. In response, they is a question that when used properly has the power to get customers and prospects talking about their situation. I have referred to it as the “million dollar question” because it is so effective.

Okay, here it is:

“Mr/Ms Prospect/Customer, I’m fully prepared to talk about X, yet, first I would like to understand your perspective on what is important to you and this will allow me to not waste your time discussing things that are not important to you.”

It seems corny, yet it works like a charm with even tight lipped buyers. How does this work? Well, it is due to the three parts of the question. Each part has a “meta talk” that is important to the customer and gives the salesperson more credibility.

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Do Your Customers Confide in You?

If you want to test the level of Trust you have built with a customer, ask yourself this question: How often does your customer confide in you? If the answer is never, then you have some series work to do in building a trust based relationship. If the answer shows that on many occasions a … Read more…

Get Customers Involved for Commitment

Today’s tip is for sales people and leaders. It’s a simple concept that works its magic with no pain or ill feelings. It’s all about focusing on the other person. Here how it works.

Ask a question of a customer or employee, listen to the response and then ask another question for clarity on the topic answer. You use a simple phrase:

“Help me understand…(fill in the blank based upon the previous answer).”

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