Sales Tips and Sales Techniques of the Week

Okay, here is a quick sales tip for learning about competitors activities. Or to learn who else is calling on your clients. I have used these direct sales tips in several industries and have taught clients to use this sales technique to learn who is active with your customer or prospects.

Here is the key sales technique – Check out the visitor logs at the main desk. This is a great source of information about who is activity visiting the account.

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Ask for Testimonials

It is interesting that some sales people have not testimonials even when they have been in sales for years. When I find sales people in this category I ask them what the reasons are for no testimonials from their customers.

The answer is always the same – I have never asked for a testimonial from them.

Wow, one of the most important things you can do as sales person for your own credibility with new prospects and there is a breakdown in asking.

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Speak Your Prospect’s Language

Today I’m sharing a sales tip I learned from a veteran and very successful sales person that will give you an advantage when going after a new customer. It is a simple tactic, yet you must do your homework before meeting with the prospect.

This tactic is all about making it easy for the prospect to understand your offer by speaking their language.

Here’s the essence of this sales technique.

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Are You Using the One Percent Solution?

Are you using the one percent solution in your personal growth as a sales person? This question is important – if you really want to be good or excellent in selling.

The best sales people are always learning things to improve their sales success. How often do you learn new things about sales, selling to difficult people, industry trends of your products and your customers, new technology in processes or industry? Get my drift here. Learning is not an option – it is mandatory.

So what is this one percent solution?

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Give Options in Proposals

Looking over some old proposals over the weekend and then checking to see which ones were accepted, I noticed a trend regarding the ones accepted the first time offered. The accepted proposals had options or alternatives in the offers which closed the sale based upon the Contrast Principle and Giving the Customer exactly what they valued.

Now the gurus of consulting and sales training have been talking about this for a long time, yet here is my version of why you use options in your proposals especially in B2B sales.

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