Confirm Understanding of Degree of Customer Problem

One of the most interesting things I find when working with sales professionals is the lack of any confirmation of the degree of a customer problem. Or, in some cases that the customer even sees a situation as a problem. Therefore, it is very important for B2B sales people to confirm an understanding of the degree of a customer’s problem.

Here is the fact, if the customer does not see an issue as a problem, then there is really no good reason to take action on the issue. Customers and prospects have too many other things to deal with on a daily basis, therefore, if they don’t see a problem – no reason to fix it now.

The issue is two fold…  One, the sales person may prepare their sales presentation or offer based upon the problem the sales person sees as important. And, Two, if the customer or prospect sees the same problem as anything else but urgent – then no action is an acceptable course of action for them.

Sales People – listen up! It is your responsibility to confirm with the customer or prospect that a problem exists, has negative consequences if no action is taken, and has a measurable impact upon the results of their organization. It is also a good idea to confirm that the issue has a personal connection to the customer or prospect. This issue then becomes a personal issue or problem that raises the sense of urgency to fix it, eliminate it or to take action to change results.

This sales tip is a technique you can use to make your time in the field more effective and efficient. Be sure of the customer’s perception of the degree of pain with any issue, before pursuing any form of change or decision. Your success will grow with targeted proposals that solve real problems in their eyes.

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