Five Ways to Drive Your Value with Prospects

Occasionally I’m asked about how do you show to a prospect or customer the added value to their organization. In fact, many b2b sales people want to know how to show value added in the first place.

So, today, I’m going to share five things you can do to help your customer or prospect see the value you bring to the process. First thing however is to remember this – you will make the difference in value. It is not fancy power point slides or slick graphics or cool looking brochures making the difference. IT is all about YOU and how you show your expertise.

Now for the big five ways to drive your value with prospects… 

  1. Talk outcomes and results rather than products and services
    It is the traditional or old school sales people using the presentation model of sales who focus their entire interaction on their products or services. Guess what? Most of the time the prospect has no interest in a product or service only. There are bigger and more important issues to deal with so help them focus with good questions to focus their thoughts.
  2. Tie results to their critical business issues
    Your focus should be on delivering results – that solve their biggest business issues. Solve the critical business issues and you will have a customer for a long time.
  3. Use business language like an owner
    Think and act like a business owner. This allows you to discuss issues critical to the big decision makers. It is a business decision, elevate your discussions to become their personal business advisor – which is the highest level of b2b sales person you can achieve with a customer.
  4. Show the facts – statistics do count
    One area that I have missed the boat with during several decades of selling is tracking the statics and metrics for success. Some of my younger sales friends have learned this point and are executing these lessons with great success – even during the recession. You see, the metrics can show the customer they will get a return and it is a safe call to buy for the people who are willing and able to show the results.
  5. Use actual customer success stories
    When you learn the biggest or most critical business issues facing your prospect, then use related actual success stories to show your expertise and build credibility in your ability to deliver favorable results. No executive wants to train you on how to get results, they want to know you have the experience in doing what you are offering. (Note: if you are new to b2b sales, then you must rely upon your company’s experience and expertise. Some times more “faces” become more valuable in the prospect’s mind.)

Follow these five guidelines during any interaction with a customer or prospect. These are the keys to separating yourself from the commodity selling types of sales people who rely upon cutting the prices to get the business. Yet, we know there are additional factors that just low initial acquisition prices.

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