Mindset Shifts for Understanding Your Customer.

An interesting point of view is – what is your point of view or reference when listening to your customers? Are you only listening for things that fit your agenda to make a sales? If so, you need to review some basic references for active listening.

These listening tips also relate to when you are in negotiation phrases with your prospect or customer. So pay attention to where your mindset is focusing.

Most b2b sales people have their point of view at the center of everything they are doing. How they interact with their customer, what they actually hear the customer say, and their overall purpose of just getting to a close with this customer. All these references are based upon YOUR point of view.

Actually, there are three points of view and the other two are understood and practices by the b2b sales superstars on a regular basis. So, what are the other two points of view you ask? 

Here are the other two Points of View – which you need to master the use of each if you want to join the ranks of the b2b sales superstars and be a constant high performer in b2b sales.

  1. The Point of View of the Customer
    When you are in Your Point of View, you are only thinking about things as they relate to you and possibly your company. In this second point of view – the Customer or Other Person’s – you must think like they would think. What do they really want to have occur, what are they talking and asking about with regularity and aggressively? Often, a b2b sales person will make three mistakes dealing with the “Customer Point of View.”
    • One, they just don’t listen to their point of view.
    • Two, they assume the customer’s point of view is just like theirs or the same as their point of view.
    • Three, they know the customer’s point of view and totally ignore it and move on.
    It is much better to have a dialogue with the customer about their point of view on any situation and attempt to come to an understanding of agreement or conceptual agreement before moving forward.
  2. The Detached Point of View
    Here is where the best b2b sales people separate themselves from the average or common sales person. They move to the detached point of view or the non-emotional and objective point of view. Be separating their emotional buy-in to either their point of view or fighting the customer’s point of view, they move to an objective and less emotional position. This allows you to see both sides of an issue without taking sides and then evaluate the total situation. By evaluating in a non-emotional state of mind, you will become more creativity and flexible with your approach. Flexibility of thought allows you to move to the level of a true win-win dialogue whereby both parties have an opportunity to contribute to the solution and move forward.
    Questions you can ask yourself in order to move into the detached zone or mindset include…
    * How does this person see me?
    • If I were him/her, what would I be thinking about?
    • If I were filming this situation, what label would apply to the title?

The key for your b2b sales success is to remain flexible in how you achieve your goals. Remember, the customer has goals or problems to fix and the more both of you understand the total situation the faster you will be forward to an agreement.

The wise man is the one who learns the most and then applies their knowledge and wisdom. This application is the true deliver of intelligence. Make wise choices after completely listening and thinking about all the positions available to both you and the customer.

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